Australian Embassy
Algeria, Chad, Mauritania, Monaco

Australian Passport applications

General information

- An Australian Citizen cannot enter Australia on a foreign Passport. (A visa will not be issued to an Australian citizen on their foreign passport).

- You should allow up to three weeks to obtain a new ordinary passport and up to 2 working days for an emergency passport.

- Anyone concerned about ID security / Identity theft, should contact IDCare for further advice.

- Incomplete applications will not be accepted. All passport applications must be submitted IN PERSON AND BY APPOINTMENT ONLY at the Australian Embassy in Paris.  

- Please read the instructions for a PC7 or PC8 prior to make your appoitnment.

- Should your passport be lost or stolen (in which case you would need to obtain a police report) we invite you to report the loss or theft of your passport on and apply for an emergency or a normal passport according to your personal situation.

Booking your Appointment

Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 9am-12pm / 2pm-4 pm except during  public holidays.

Appointments can be booked on line here. Please ensure you select the Timezone:  (GMT +02:00 Central European Time - Paris).

You can visit the booking policy here.

Appointments are not required for passport collections  (Please provide a chronopost envelope or similar if you require your passport to be mailed to you).

Preparing your passport application

Where to apply in France

Australian Embassy
4 rue Jean Rey 75724 Paris Cedex 15
Metro line 6 - Bir Hakeim Station 
REC C - Station Champs de Mars-Tour Eiffel  


What form do I require

Adult       Instructions for a PC7  (one page application form)

  Instructions for a PC8 (five pages application form) ( including First passport)

Child        Instructions for a PC8 (five pages application form)

- A responsible parent must attend the passport interview on behalf of their child (child presence not required up to the age of 16).

- The lodging parent must present an original ID and a copy of the other parent's ID (when applicable).

- 10-year validity passports will be issued for children aged 16 or 17.

In addition to the usual requirements for a child passport application, the 16 and 17 year old child must attend the interview along with the lodging parent.

List of Guarantors for Adult and Children for a PC8 Application form

Passport Fees

Credit Card Authorisation Form (cash or cheque payment not accepted)

Photo guidelines for passports (Photos need to be less than 6 months old)

Translation of foreign documents    

B11 - General Statement by passport applicant


Applying for your Passport

First passport (Adult and Child)

PC8 Passport Application Form to be downloaded from the Australian Passport Website.


Passport Renewal


        For current or expired passport less than 3 years ago

PC7 Passport Application Form to be downloaded from the Australian Passport Website.

         For passport which expired over three years ago

PC8 Passport Application Form to be downloaded from the Australian Passport Website.


PC8 Passport Application Form to be downloaded from the Australian Passport Website.


Emergency passport (Adult and Child)

Please make direct contact with the Embassy by mail ( ) or telephone (Tel: +33(0) 1 40 59 33 00)) in relation to the loss or the theft of your Australian passport and the issue of an emergency passport.

Both parental consent will be required prior to the issue of an emergency passport to a child.


Concurrent passport

A Concurrent passport can be available to adults only who travel extensively and require a second passport for visa processing. This concurrent passport can only be delivered under strict conditions, on a case-by-case basis and must be accompanied with strict justifications. The Australian embassy reserves the right to refuse any application that do not comply with the conditions set for the deliverance of a concurrent passport.

How to prepare my application?

  • Complete a B-11 form
  • Complete a Concurrent passport letter
  • Complete a PC8 application form (5 pages document)
  • Make an appointment for a passport - Adult -
  • Find a guarantor to sign page 3 of the application as well as the back of the photo.
  • Bring your original Australian birth certificate, your existing passport, two photos, your driving licence, your carte vitale or medicare, and the document (or your overseas birth certificate (plurilingue)  and your citizenship certificate) to the interview.
  • A proof of residence
  • The documentation duly completed  and signed on your company's letter head
  • A Chronopost envelope (if you wish the passport to be sent to you)
  • The fee will be the same as the one for a 10 years validity passport, and the validity will be of 3 years