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We encourage use of this online registration service by Australians planning to reside overseas for extended periods, and those travelling to locations where there are security risks.

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Information on Australian quarantine and importation issues can be found on the Biosecurity page of the Australian Embassy in Belgium.

If you are planning to visit France, please see the current travel advice for France.


Visas for travelling or living in France

The information below in indicative. Please refer to the French authorities for further information and update or visit the French Embassy's website  in Australia or click here.

Obtain a visa for France 

           Schengen visa (for equal or less than 90days stays)

This visa is required for a short stay (less than 90 days in each period of 180 days) and allows the holder to move freely throughout the 26 countries in the Schengen Area. It is delivered under the regulation of the Schengen code.

This visa can be issued for tourism, business travel or family visits; it is also issued so that you can come to France for a short training course, internship, conference, business meeting or be gainfully employed (in which case you will need a temporary work permit, before you apply for a visa) for less than 3 months.

Please take good note that there is no way to extend a short stay visa once you are in France and have cumulated your 90 days in the Schengen area. If you plan to stay over 90 days, you should consider a long stay visa.

For further information and update, please visit the French Embassy's website  in Australia  or click here or contact the French authorities.

           Long term visa (for more than 90days stay)

This visa, also known as ‘National visa’ or ‘visa D’ is different from the Schengen visa and is required for long stay (more than 90 days) under the regulation of the French national law.

If you are issued with this type of visa, you are required, on arrival in France, to register with the Office Français d’Immigration et d’Intégration (OFII) or, in some cases, to apply to the relevant Prefecture for a residence permit.

Work visas, are subject to specific preliminary procedures: as a foreign national arriving in France on a short-stay visa you are not allowed to seek work or obtain an employment contract.

If you intend to exercise a salaried activity in France, your future employer must have the contract approved in advance by the DIRECCTE (Regional directorate for enterprises, competition, consumption, work and employment) before you submit your visa application.

For all people who wish to settle in France, please visit the French Embassy's website in Australia, which will provide many useful advices.

For further information and update, please visit the French Embassy's website in Australia or click here or contact the French authorities.