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Marriage and PACS in France Pacs in France

Marriage in France

Please note that marriages are not performed at Australian embassies or missions.

To be legally recognized, a marriage in France must take place at a Town Hall (Mairie). The Town Hall must be either the Town Hall where one of the applicants was born, or the Town Hall of the district where one of the applicants is currently registered as a resident.

We invite you to make direct contact with the local Mairie in order to obtain their requirements (which may vary slightly for each town hall) which are as follows:
- At least one of the applicants must be either a French citizen or a legal resident of France.
- Most Town Halls take approximately 4-6 weeks to process the application, which has to be accompanied by the following items:

1/ -Certificate of no impediment (.PDF) (CNI Application)
Once you have completed the application, the Embassy will issue an Attestation (in French language) (please refer to the information sheet  -Certificat de coutume ) (Certificat de coutume)

2/ -Full birth certificate (Please check with your local mairie the information in relation to the required validity of the document) with an apostille from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Australia.
(Please note that the Apostille can be delivered at the Australian Embassy in Paris - Please refer to "Notarial services" in "Useful Information" on our Consular services in Paris main page to find out how to obtain an  apostille from the Embassy in Paris ).
3/ Translation of birth certificate (by a sworn translator). (refer to "Sworn Translators" on Consular Main page).
4/ Valid passport.
5/ Statement of no previous marriage (from the appropriate Birth Death and Marriage registrar\'s office in Australia), with translation (please note that we cannot deliver this document at the Australian Embassy in Paris)
6/ Divorce certificate (if applicable), with an english translation
7/ French resident's card (if available)

In addition to providing the above mentioned documents, the applicants are also required to undergo a medical examination and blood tests. (please check with the local mairie for those details).
Once the completed, the  dossier must be delivered to the Mairie (Town Hall), there is normally a waiting period of 28 days before the marriage can take place.
Please check with your local Mairie (Town Hall) for the accurate information required from the French authorities. 

Credit card charge form (in order for the Embassy to charge your credit card for the processing fee).

The turn around time to deliver the attestation is 10 working days (Please provide a self addressed stamped envelope for the delivery of the attestation to an address of your choice in France.

PACS in France

Pacs is a legal protocol in France that formally recognises both opposite sex and same sex common law relationships. 

The Certificate de Coutume cannot be delivered by the Embassy, neverthless you can download and print the following attestation which you can provide to the French Authorities.

For any further information, please email us your request to: