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Services notariés, Apostilles, Certification


Notarial services at the Embassy in Paris are offered by appointment only
Appointments for notarial services can booked on line here.

Apostilles of Documents, Witnessing Signatures on Documents or Certifying copies of Documents  

Apostille of The Hague

Australia and France are co-signatories to The Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement for Legalisation of Foreign Public Documents, which allows for the simplification of the formal authentication process for public documents. An apostille is a statement placed on a public document that verifies the country of origin of the document, the identity of the signature/seals/stamps which appears on the document, and the capacity in which the person signing the document has acted. The Australian apostille is placed on the original Australian document and is available from the Embassy.  You will need to confirm with the relevant authorities in France if they require an apostille on an Australian document in order to recognise a public document.

Further information is available on

Australian Embassy consular officers can provide notarial services.You will be asked to provide the original documents.
Please note that a fee will be charged for this service. (Copy of the menu for fee for service is listed on our website).

For the following services listed below, appointments are on Friday morning only,  between 10 and 11 am:

Witnessing and swearing of affidavits, oaths or affirmations.
-  Affidavits and documents associated with the Supreme Court of Australia
-  Power of Attorney
- Driving Licence renewal applications for states (except for Queensland and NSW), and any documentation destined to one of the Australian States or Territories of Australia

Please note that we cannot attend requests pertaining to Wills.
(Please seek advice from a local english speaking public notary - listing on the Embassy website).
We invite you to make contact with us on [email protected] for any information you may require.

Appointment required for the following during the week: 

Apostille (Please note that a delay  of ten working days may apply for processing).
Certifying true copies of original documents. 
Performing authentication of signature and/or seals.
Witnessing notices of intended marriage in Australia.
Witnessing applications forms for, and issuing of, Certificates of No Impediment  to Marriage(CNI).
Witnessing Commonwealth statutory declarations and other Commonwealth forms.
Witnessing signatures on Driving Licence renewal applications for Queensland and NSW.

For Certified true copies of documents (or Apostille on original documents), should you wish not to come to Paris, you may send the original document(s) to be certified via registered mail or courier to the Consular Section at the Embassy. Please attach a note to the document(s) indicating that you require a certified Copy or an Apostille, your full return address, including the postcode and a contact telephone number. 
Please note that a fee is charged for this service. (Refer to the menu of consular fees). Enclose the confirmation of your payment (by completing the credit card charge form to be sent to the Australian Embassy).Please supply us also with a chronopost or similar (type : colissimo envelope)  for the return of all documents. 

N.B Please ensure that the document(s) relating to the notarial act(s) you require from the Australian Embassy are presented in the correct form and that you provide the correct instructions for witnessing any signatures on the document(s). If you are unsure of the legislative requirements relating to witnessing signatures on a particular document you should seek independent legal advice. Please note, by witnessing a signature on a document(s) neither the Australian Government nor the Australian Embassy in Paris guarantees the legal effectiveness of the document(s) nor the accuracy of its contents.

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