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Current exhibitions

Current exhibitions

Blak Rainbow: the art of Dylan Mooney

A National Gallery of Victoria exhibition | 15 November 2023 to 24 May 2024


Blak Rainbow introduces three years of work by Dylan Mooney, a passionate Yuwi, Torres Strait, and South Sea Islander man hailing from the vibrant region of Mackay in Australia's North Queensland. Mooney proudly stands amidst a visionary group of emerging Blak artists. Mooney's work delves into the pressing matters of our time, particularly those pertaining to identity, longing, and representation for First Nations people.
Immersed in the art of reframing narratives, Mooney uses his art to empower often-unheard voices. An interdisciplinary artist at heart, his oeuvre spans painting, printmaking, sculpture, digital illustration, and drawing. A recurring theme in his practice is the portrayal of queer love within communities of colour, a testament to his commitment to revitalizing representation.
Fascinated by history, culture, and his personal ancestral connections to place, Mooney's creative spark is ignited by community tales, current events, and the ever-changing digital world. Drawing from his rich cultural heritage, Mooney uses his work to translate the stories passed down to him into bold contemporary art. Legally blind, Mooney harnesses the power of digital media to create high-impact illustrations with vibrant and saturated colours that resonate with his keen interest in politics, activism, and the fusion of digital technology and social commentary.


Kaigani (2021) from the Blak Superheroes series                            Untitled (2023)                                                                             Pride + Culture (2021) from the Queer, Blak & Here series


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Practical information

Opening dates: 15 November 2023 – 24 May 2024 - Monday to Friday, except on public holidays
Closed on Friday 26 January (Australia Day), Friday 29 March (Good Friday), Monday 1 April (Easter Monday), Wednesday 1 May (Labour Day), Thursday 9 May (Ascension Day), Monday 20 May (Pentecote)
Opening hours: 9am - 5pm
Free access upon presentation of an ID card
Address: Australian Embassy - 4 rue Jean Rey - 75015 Paris