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JARRACHARRA, dry season winds

Until 10 January 2020

Australian Embassy, 4 rue Jean Rey, 75015 Paris - From 9am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday (except holidays)

Jarracharra: dry season wind showcases a powerful collection of Aboriginal women’s textile art from the Bábbarra Women’s Centre in Arnhem Land (Northern Territoriy, Australia), one of the most remote art centres in the world. The exhibition features women depicting ancient narratives using contemporary mediums.  Walking through the exhibition, you feel like you are travelling across the ancestral lands of Northern Australia.

The title, Jarracharra, represents a metaphor for the way the Bábbarra Women’s Centre brings different Aboriginal cultures and stories together, just as Jarracharra winds have brought Aboriginal people together for ceremony, dance and ritual for tens of thousands of years


The General Assembly of the United Nations declared the year 2019 “International year for Indigenous language”. By featuring the works of 17 women artists from Maningrida, from nine language groups, the exhibition celebrates the cultural and linguistic diversity of the region. The majority of artists in this exhibition are Kuninjku; however, there are also artists from the Gurr-goni, Ndjébbana, Mawng, Burarra, Djambarrpuyngu, Djinang, Rembarrnga, Kriol and Kune languages. Around 120 Indigenous languages are still spoken today in Australia.




Cultural significance of languages in the Goldfields

Photos: Andrew McLeish


W A L L     P O W E R

Contemporary Australian Photography

18 June - 12 November 2018

WALL POWER: Contemporary Australian Photography features the work of twenty-two leading Australian photographers, each exploring the myths and legends surrounding Australia’s unique light, landscape and history. The exhibition includes multiple seminal works by Australia’s best-known contemporary photographers including Tracey Moffatt, Bill Henson and Christian Thompson. 

The exhibition covers a broad spectrum of practical and conceptual approaches to photography, all casting light on the Australian national identity, rich in complexities and conflicts. At the core of WALL POWER lies the photographic image and the immediacy and power of the medium.


William Robinson's exhibition 'Genesis'

Robinson is recognised as one of Australia’s most important contemporary landscape painters, celebrated in particular for his original and powerful approaches to depicting the Australian environment through a multidimensional viewpoint. For over five decades he has produced works of great originality and vision that have informed a new vernacular of the Australian landscape.


Christian Thompson's exhibition "Hear the Rattles"

At the Australian Embassy in Paris until the 12th of January 2017

4 rue Jean Rey, Paris 15 - Free entry from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00

Dr CHRISTIAN THOMPSON is an Australian born, London based contemporary artist whose work explores notions of identity, cultural hybridity & history. In much of Christian Thompson’s work he engages with the process of auto ethnography. Merging a nuanced dream world and his autobiography, he draws out images that connect his own personal experience to wider social, political, cultural meanings and understandings.

Photos: Simon Patching